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I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on this photograph.

This is my son in his very first football kit, about to have a bath after his training session.

Max turned 2 years old on Thursday. After I took this photo today, it made me think of all the times I had put my kits on, to go out and play whatever the weather with always the same ending. A hot bath to help relax my tired limbs.

This is the very first time Max has become a part of this routine. The first time he has worn a kit. The first bath.

I have this moment captured forever. My family bloodline has a gene pool that has produced talented offspring. It is yet to be seen whether Max has been fortunate enough to posses these attributes and it is entirely up to him if he is happy to play any type of sport as he grows up. For me, this image is priceless. As far as documentation of my own sporting history goes, all I have is mostly my own memories. But looking at this photo, it is amazing how much of these memories I had forgotten.

As parents, we expect our children to follow in our footsteps but to do it all better than we did. We had our chance.

I am so proud to witness the starting point of Max producing his own special memories and I will do my upmost to capture as much of these on film as possible. My son is about to embark on the journey that I have been and done. He has so much to experience, winning, losing, euphoria, fear, respect and many, many more. These are all life lessons.

Even if sport is not for Max, I will be there every step of the way.





You will be forgiven for thinking “What a terrible photo!”

This actually happens to be the effects of a sugary treat. T’is the season to be jolly! So what will we end up with stacks and stacks of?? Yep, CHOCOLATE! For me that’s great, I love the stuff, but for my soon to be 2 year old the nightmare has begun!

It’s now the second day of advent and lucky Max has himself three calendars to work through over the course of twenty five day’s. That means he gets to start every one of these days with a hyper attack. This is excellent for him, but for me,¬†instead of being able to ease my way into the morning with a steaming cup of coffee, I am immediately plunged into full on active dad mode, and I like my coffee!

I have never been blessed with the ability to roll out of bed with a great big smile on my face, ready to take on the day. I’d say I’m more like one of the zombies you’d see in those old fashioned movies until roughly 11 o’clock. So…When I am treated with a heavy dosage of a toddler maniac before I’ve had breakfast, please forgive me for finding it a little tough.

You may think to yourself “Why not give him one in the morning, one at lunch and one in the afternoon?” Dear oh dear. Unfortunately that would leave me in an even more excruciating situation. Don’t get me wrong, I wish it was as easy as that. But as most parents know, this leaves the inevitable meltdown moments that make me cringe every time I think about them. To have to face this meltdown at least three times a day for the whole of December, I think I’d have to eat all of the the chocolates myself. Then probably blame the dog. Just for good measure.

So, I guess for now the only fair thing to do is to let him have his mornings of madness.

Part of me feels like swapping the rest of the chocolates for raisins, that would be a pretty disappointing start to day for Max. Only twenty three days to go, I can make it till then, right??




So at 1:45pm and seeing the third delivery van to park up in my close, my turbo had finally arrived!

The rain had just stopped so this meant I could now get Max in the backpack and take a walk down to the garage. It is amazing how surreal a 15 minute walk can actually turn out to be.

The first odd encounter that passed was a man running with his dog wearing knee length denim shorts and a black raincoat. Now, it is 2016 so if denim shorts is the new running gear then I shouldn’t be too surprised. However, this gentleman also happened to be running in bare feet! WHAT?! It has literally just been chucking the rain down and this person is making the most of exposing the elements to his naked toes. Whatever floats your boat I suppose!

Anyway 5 minutes on and I cross paths with a well presented elderly lady which I hate to say but I think may have also been more than slightly bonkers. She greets me with a smile beaming ear to ear and says “How is my little boy? It’s been such a long time!” to me the alarm bells immediately start to ring but being the polite chap that I am I decide to roll with this case of mistaken identity, wether she realised herself I’m still not so sure.

She proceeds to tell me that Max is growing up so fast and looking happy, then out of nowhere shares with me that her sister passed away just yesterday. As if this situation wasn’t awkward enough already?! Now, I am no geographical expert but what really made me have to cut this strange conversation short was when this nice lady said to me in her thick Irish accent “I have lived here my entire life”. I¬†have lived in Berkshire my entire life and it’s fair to say that the majority of people I know, myself included, do not sound Irish.

So I said my goodbyes to which I was then asked to come and visit her some time, ok then? Anyway I hope our 5 minute conversation was a highlight of her day as I know many people out there do not have the patience for this type of situation. If by chance this lady happens to ever read this, it was certainly a highlight of mine!

I manage to get to the garage with no more surprises along the way, now I realise after carrying both Max and the turbo just how unfit I am! Thank God I left the pushchair in the car! When we stepped back outside the first thing I saw was a rainbow and being the awesomely terrible photographer that I am, I failed to get a selfie of us with this. Typical. Anyway after seeing this, and after the way today started, it put a smile on my face. Today’s quote of the day is true…