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I just wanted to take a moment to reflect on this photograph.

This is my son in his very first football kit, about to have a bath after his training session.

Max turned 2 years old on Thursday. After I took this photo today, it made me think of all the times I had put my kits on, to go out and play whatever the weather with always the same ending. A hot bath to help relax my tired limbs.

This is the very first time Max has become a part of this routine. The first time he has worn a kit. The first bath.

I have this moment captured forever. My family bloodline has a gene pool that has produced talented offspring. It is yet to be seen whether Max has been fortunate enough to posses these attributes and it is entirely up to him if he is happy to play any type of sport as he grows up. For me, this image is priceless. As far as documentation of my own sporting history goes, all I have is mostly my own memories. But looking at this photo, it is amazing how much of these memories I had forgotten.

As parents, we expect our children to follow in our footsteps but to do it all better than we did. We had our chance.

I am so proud to witness the starting point of Max producing his own special memories and I will do my upmost to capture as much of these on film as possible. My son is about to embark on the journey that I have been and done. He has so much to experience, winning, losing, euphoria, fear, respect and many, many more. These are all life lessons.

Even if sport is not for Max, I will be there every step of the way.






After yesterday’s fail with the upload I have now managed to edit together my first video for Mystery Monday’s!

For someone who is fairly computer illiterate I can’t help but feel pretty chuffed, I’ve succeeded in pasting together short clips using iMovie on my fiancés Mac. You might be wondering why to me this is such a big achievement? LET ME TELL YOU! I have literally had to click on every single icon and drop down menu there is on the programme, I went for the age old method of trial and error to put together a 5 minute video. As I’m sure you can imagine, this takes what feels like an eternity to do. It makes it even less fun when still listening to ‘Wheels on the bus’ on repeat. So I can assure you, this is an achievement!

So now…Where is this video?!

Honestly, I have no idea! With my naivety I thought it would be a case of save video, click upload, job done. Nope! Turns out my video is lost somewhere in the downloading realms and currently has 29hours left to finish the upload. COME ON!! This will have to be one for the fiancé to sort out when she is back from work.

Moving on…

I’ll tell you about what we got up to for now. With my fiancés genius idea of Mystery Monday’s I headed to the first venture.

I must admit that when I found out I would be going to the local community centre at 11 o’clock on a Monday I thought the worst. During the walk, I couldn’t help but think to myself “Please don’t be a yoga class for mums, pleeeease!” I arrived at the front door. I scanned the advertisements and timetables and the first Monday class I saw at that specific time was  PARENT AND TODDLER DANCE CLASS, this cannot be happening to me!

So after making a commitment to my fiancé, I take a deep breath and in I go.

In the corridor I see one parent with his son, looking at this chap he seems quite similar to myself in age, it put my nerves to ease a little. Then that got me thinking…this guy has tattoos all over his neck, why on earth has he turned up to a toddler dance class? Not to discriminate but he definitely doesn’t seem like that type of character? What’s he done to upset his Mrs I wonder?

Anyway. We go in. I am immediately put at ease and can take a sigh of relief when I see tonnes of footballs scattered over the floor. My fiancé is awesome! What she had signed me up to attend turned out to be a football class for toddlers. After the weekends football fail it was time for a bit of redemption! I’ll admit that at this stage my son isn’t quite ready to compete with the likes of Alan Shearer, and was more focused on how dizzy he could make himself by spinning on the spot but he did get involved once he realised how much fun the other kids were having. This is a good sign that he is capable of joining in with others and is willing to learn new activities.

These classes are a franchise and are located across the country. They are called Little Kickers and can be found on a google search. The first trial session is free and thereafter you can enrol on a 10 week course which is reasonably priced. The sessions are 45 minutes long. I would have never known that something like this existed if it wasn’t for my fiancé and this is the whole point of Mystery Monday’s. If we can help you to discover something new or just a more valuable way to spend your free time with your kids, then that is mission accomplished!

The video will be up soon…I promise!




When I found out I was soon to be a dad, once the fear of the unknown had passed I began to set my sights on the possibilities.

For me the first possibility was please be a boy!! After the 20 week scan that was a box ticked. Now I could really let my mind wonder with all the things my son could grow up to be.

So, being English, pretty handy with a football, the same wishful thinker that most dad’s are who fall into this category…My son will obviously be the best footballer ever to lace up a pair of boots!

Max is now at the age where he is gaining a good understanding of likes and dislikes. So what better time than now to introduce him to a sport which I love?

With this in mind, the weekend was approaching so yesterday I thought to myself that I would take max to the local park to watch a game. It would be perfect! We would arrive on the touchline and he would be immediately engrossed with the beautiful game. I would even hold him high in the air if a goal was scored and we would be celebrating with all the passion that any Englishman would have after winning the World Cup at Wembley!

This did not happen. Not even close.

We got to the park and the first game we approached was a team of under 10’s in the age category. Let’s warm him up with this. Max did show an interest at first but soon became grumpy. At the time I put this down to the standard of quality we were watching, neither team were Barcelona. So I agreed with Max and we changed fields to watch the under 15’s. Approaching the pitch I was already becoming absorbed with the game, a much better sceptical. I park the buggy up and let Max out to stretch his legs. From that moment on the football was a distant memory! All max wanted to do was walk the other way and failing that the meltdown soon followed.

Oh well, maybe I’ll have better luck next week.

Remember my blog about manipulation? Well this is how the football turned out…