The Mac has crashed!

Dear loyal followers,

It gives me great sadness to inform you…the Mac has crashed.

Just after 8:30pm and after struggling for the last couple of hours to download the videos I had planned to edit together, I made the painful decision to abort download and restart computer.

I gave it every chance to avoid having to do this but the latest update could not ‘remind me later’ any longer. With that, I must apologise to my readers because there will be no Mystery Monday video today. I intend to do everything I can to get this overhyped video up for you tomorrow. Even if it means a ten hour update, I am prepared to leave the Mac on charge to see it through.

Thank you for your patience during these hard times.

Until tomorrow!



Mystery Monday’s


My fiancé came up with a great idea. Mystery Monday’s.

Sometimes we can all be guilty of a little complacency. We get set in our ways and become lazy in seeking new ventures and opportunities. I definitely fall into this slippery slope far too often.

My fiancé has set me a challenge to conquer this. From now on, every Monday I will be assigned a task. This could be absolutely anything. I will know nothing of what is to be expected of me other than a time and place to be. I have agreed to put my fate in her hands and what will be will be. No refusals. I must be crazy!

The idea of this is to get Max and I out of the house to see how much there really is to do in the big wild world! Hopefully this can also give my readers some other ideas in what they can get up to with their children in their free time.

I will be filming what we get up to as often as I can but obviously not everyone will agree to being on camera, especially when there are other children involved, I will do my best to capture as much as possible. Spoil sports!

I will try to have the videos up every Monday so you can see on the day what we do, I’ll then also blog about it to give you guys some more reading material!

So keep your eyes peeled and wish me luck!!




When I found out I was soon to be a dad, once the fear of the unknown had passed I began to set my sights on the possibilities.

For me the first possibility was please be a boy!! After the 20 week scan that was a box ticked. Now I could really let my mind wonder with all the things my son could grow up to be.

So, being English, pretty handy with a football, the same wishful thinker that most dad’s are who fall into this category…My son will obviously be the best footballer ever to lace up a pair of boots!

Max is now at the age where he is gaining a good understanding of likes and dislikes. So what better time than now to introduce him to a sport which I love?

With this in mind, the weekend was approaching so yesterday I thought to myself that I would take max to the local park to watch a game. It would be perfect! We would arrive on the touchline and he would be immediately engrossed with the beautiful game. I would even hold him high in the air if a goal was scored and we would be celebrating with all the passion that any Englishman would have after winning the World Cup at Wembley!

This did not happen. Not even close.

We got to the park and the first game we approached was a team of under 10’s in the age category. Let’s warm him up with this. Max did show an interest at first but soon became grumpy. At the time I put this down to the standard of quality we were watching, neither team were Barcelona. So I agreed with Max and we changed fields to watch the under 15’s. Approaching the pitch I was already becoming absorbed with the game, a much better sceptical. I park the buggy up and let Max out to stretch his legs. From that moment on the football was a distant memory! All max wanted to do was walk the other way and failing that the meltdown soon followed.

Oh well, maybe I’ll have better luck next week.

Remember my blog about manipulation? Well this is how the football turned out…





A simple water dispenser.

This is an item that we all take for granted…Cup goes under tap, push lever, water fills cup, drink.

In the mind of a two year old, this however is the BEST THING EVER!

I was lucky enough to be paid a visit at work from my fiancé and son. This is always a memorable occasion as it doesn’t happen often. When they pay me these special visits, the first thing Max likes to do is sit at my desk and get his hands on anything and everything that is likely to cause me nothing but grief. “Max you can’t have the keyboard! How about some highlighter pens instead? You can draw on this notepad…” When I say notepad, I don’t mean your typical A5 sized pad…I’m talking about a pad that Da Vinci would be more than happy to recreate the works of ‘Last Supper’ on.

Any guesses of where Max would like to colour in? Of course! Anywhere but the notepad!

So, after a short while of feeling more than a little unnerved, the water dispenser decides to remind everybody that it is still in the room with its hourly gulp for air. Oh no. Max looks directly at the dispenser. Eyes as if to say “I remember you!” He jumps down from the chair. Then to what I can only describe as a power walker with sheer grit and determination…Arms swinging from shoulder to shoulder…Tongue protruding…Left hand slaps down on the dispenser…Right hand reaches for the plastic cups. At the same time he turns back to look at me with a wide eyed grin reminiscent of the possessed girl in ‘Exorcist’.

“No Max!”

Max can no longer hear me as he turns back to face the dispenser. Eyes on the prize now. He takes a couple of practice pulls of the lever, just to check it still works. He lets loose a giggle and then yanks down a cup. To be fair I can’t help but feel impressed that Max knows exactly what he’s doing as the cup fills with water. The cup is handed to my fiancé. He looks back at me. “Mooore??” – “No Max, please!”

So after between 5 and 10 cups of water each, my fiancé is now having to hold Max to stop him from continuing this repetitive process and ultimately rescue our bladders before the inevitable explosion. Earlier, whilst max was fixated on what he was doing, one of my colleagues had entered the room and sat next to me. Max has previously met this person briefly on a couple of occasions but it is reasonable to say that to max he is a complete stranger. Anyway, my son is now entering full on meltdown mode as he is forced to sit on my fiancé’s lap. He looks at my colleague. The tears stop. He is now at a point where he is calm enough for my fiancé to let him slide off her lap.

Here is the manipulation.

I can see what my son is thinking as soon as he begins to walk over to my colleague. My colleague however is completely unaware that he is about to be ‘played’ by a two year old.

Max strolls over, smiles and reaches out to make a new friend. He is picked up, my colleague more than happy to receive this show of false affection. After roughly twenty seconds of sitting on his lap Max is now able to get down, take his hand and lead this unsuspecting adult to wherever Max wants to go…straight back to the water machine! Max can now visually communicate with him as if to say “you’re cool with me if I do this aren’t you?!”

So there you have it. A two year old is savvy enough to be able to get what they want, from whoever they want.

Should I be proud…Or worried??




So at 1:45pm and seeing the third delivery van to park up in my close, my turbo had finally arrived!

The rain had just stopped so this meant I could now get Max in the backpack and take a walk down to the garage. It is amazing how surreal a 15 minute walk can actually turn out to be.

The first odd encounter that passed was a man running with his dog wearing knee length denim shorts and a black raincoat. Now, it is 2016 so if denim shorts is the new running gear then I shouldn’t be too surprised. However, this gentleman also happened to be running in bare feet! WHAT?! It has literally just been chucking the rain down and this person is making the most of exposing the elements to his naked toes. Whatever floats your boat I suppose!

Anyway 5 minutes on and I cross paths with a well presented elderly lady which I hate to say but I think may have also been more than slightly bonkers. She greets me with a smile beaming ear to ear and says “How is my little boy? It’s been such a long time!” to me the alarm bells immediately start to ring but being the polite chap that I am I decide to roll with this case of mistaken identity, wether she realised herself I’m still not so sure.

She proceeds to tell me that Max is growing up so fast and looking happy, then out of nowhere shares with me that her sister passed away just yesterday. As if this situation wasn’t awkward enough already?! Now, I am no geographical expert but what really made me have to cut this strange conversation short was when this nice lady said to me in her thick Irish accent “I have lived here my entire life”. I have lived in Berkshire my entire life and it’s fair to say that the majority of people I know, myself included, do not sound Irish.

So I said my goodbyes to which I was then asked to come and visit her some time, ok then? Anyway I hope our 5 minute conversation was a highlight of her day as I know many people out there do not have the patience for this type of situation. If by chance this lady happens to ever read this, it was certainly a highlight of mine!

I manage to get to the garage with no more surprises along the way, now I realise after carrying both Max and the turbo just how unfit I am! Thank God I left the pushchair in the car! When we stepped back outside the first thing I saw was a rainbow and being the awesomely terrible photographer that I am, I failed to get a selfie of us with this. Typical. Anyway after seeing this, and after the way today started, it put a smile on my face. Today’s quote of the day is true…



Today will be one of those days.

By 8:30am Max and I are on our seventh episode of Teletubbies. IT’S STILL ONLY 8:30am!

However, this is not the dilemma.

Today I am in the position that we all manage to find ourselves in all too often. Today I am waiting for a delivery. This could turn out to be a complete waste of a day or fingers crossed the parcel arrives within the next 10 minutes, wishful thinking!

Now what makes this stand above the norm in waiting for parcel etiquette, is that my son tends to get thirsty. Very thirsty. My fiancé and I have been blessed with one of the fussiest eaters you can imagine, when he finishes a complete meal it’s as though he has become the first toddler to win a gold medal at the Olympics and obviously a standing ovation is in order. Anyway, he compensates for his lack of eating by guzzling the white stuff back. This morning I have stumbled into every parents worst nightmare…the milk is almost out!!

This is bad.

Besides the fact that I have no milk, I really cannot afford to miss this delivery. You see I am waiting for a turbo to be delivered because if things could not get any worse my car is also in the garage! So I have no car and no milk. If I miss the parcel I also have no chance of getting to work tomorrow, bad bad bad.

So, the dilemma I am facing is either a screaming toddler for the next 10 hours or so, or missing the delivery and ending up properly screwed. Either way I am in trouble.

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Wish me luck!


Up and running

Up and running


Welcome to my very first blog post!

My name is Jason, I have a soon to be 2 year old son, beautiful fiancé and to complete the family a yellow labrador.

If you are anything like me then you will have come across the thought “where the hell is my life going?”

So, for that reason I have decided to put pen to paper and start to create a blog where I can turn this life around and bring back the enjoyment of everything there is to be achieved every single day. If I can input positivity in other peoples lives along the way then that would make me a very happy bunny indeed!

First off I will give you a short insight about myself to get to the point of doing all this.

I am now 30 years old. Damn, how did that happen?! Anyway, I am currently a bodyshop manager after spending 10+ years as a vehicle spray painter. You name it and the chances are I have probably painted it, I have literally done everything I could have achieved in this trade. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a rare disability called Kienbock’s Disease, for the 99.9% of people that don’t know what that is (GP’s included) it basically means that I will be living the rest of my life with a permanently broken wrist which to this date there is no cure…GREAT!

I have gone from being someone who has been lucky enough to be good at most things physical i.e. sports, DIY, anything involving your hands! Now I can barely chop a carrot without being in pain. This has obviously led me to depression and has basically left me wondering what I can do with myself to stay positive and get back some sort of sense of achievement.

I spend a lot of time at home as I currently work four days a week which will soon be down to two days. That means that I get to spend most of my time looking after my son. Here is my eureka moment!

I’ve decide to create a blog for not just dad’s but mum’s too to give an insight into what it’s like to be a stay at home dad. My son is called Max (hence the pun in the title page). He is about to enter ‘THE TERRIBLE TWO’S’!! Now, for any parent out there this can be an extremely challenging time. For those of you that are yet to have kids I will give you an example…

Max seems to be fixated on anything that has wheels, cars, bikes, trains, BUSES! This might sound like a good thing. My boy is into boyish things. One day you will discover that your child will like to watch certain videos on youtube, wether it be on your phone, tablet or computer it really doesn’t matter…yet. Then you will realise that during a tantrum it is a good idea to play one of these videos as a quick fix to cure the problem. What you may not realise is that this then becomes the problem! Once you begin to approach the 50th rendition of ‘Wheels on the bus’ its fair to say that it is becoming a tad tedious. Max doesn’t think so. Max wants nothing but ‘Wheels on the bus’ for the foreseeable future! So much so that you will spend the upcoming days, weeks and even months being tortured by a simple nursery rhyme that Max knows is available to him 24/7. What was the reason he was crying to begin with again? Ah yes, I wouldn’t let him outside in the rain. I’d take that any day now!

So that is a short insight of what is to come in this blog.

If you have any comments or stories that you would like to share with me then please do get in touch.

I will be uploading videos and blogs to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and will be continuing to develop this site as time goes on so please stay tuned, share and like with your friends.

Thank you for reading.