Mystery Monday’s


My fiancé came up with a great idea. Mystery Monday’s.

Sometimes we can all be guilty of a little complacency. We get set in our ways and become lazy in seeking new ventures and opportunities. I definitely fall into this slippery slope far too often.

My fiancé has set me a challenge to conquer this. From now on, every Monday I will be assigned a task. This could be absolutely anything. I will know nothing of what is to be expected of me other than a time and place to be. I have agreed to put my fate in her hands and what will be will be. No refusals. I must be crazy!

The idea of this is to get Max and I out of the house to see how much there really is to do in the big wild world! Hopefully this can also give my readers some other ideas in what they can get up to with their children in their free time.

I will be filming what we get up to as often as I can but obviously not everyone will agree to being on camera, especially when there are other children involved, I will do my best to capture as much as possible. Spoil sports!

I will try to have the videos up every Monday so you can see on the day what we do, I’ll then also blog about it to give you guys some more reading material!

So keep your eyes peeled and wish me luck!!



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