A simple water dispenser.

This is an item that we all take for granted…Cup goes under tap, push lever, water fills cup, drink.

In the mind of a two year old, this however is the BEST THING EVER!

I was lucky enough to be paid a visit at work from my fiancé and son. This is always a memorable occasion as it doesn’t happen often. When they pay me these special visits, the first thing Max likes to do is sit at my desk and get his hands on anything and everything that is likely to cause me nothing but grief. “Max you can’t have the keyboard! How about some highlighter pens instead? You can draw on this notepad…” When I say notepad, I don’t mean your typical A5 sized pad…I’m talking about a pad that Da Vinci would be more than happy to recreate the works of ‘Last Supper’ on.

Any guesses of where Max would like to colour in? Of course! Anywhere but the notepad!

So, after a short while of feeling more than a little unnerved, the water dispenser decides to remind everybody that it is still in the room with its hourly gulp for air. Oh no. Max looks directly at the dispenser. Eyes as if to say “I remember you!” He jumps down from the chair. Then to what I can only describe as a power walker with sheer grit and determination…Arms swinging from shoulder to shoulder…Tongue protruding…Left hand slaps down on the dispenser…Right hand reaches for the plastic cups. At the same time he turns back to look at me with a wide eyed grin reminiscent of the possessed girl in ‘Exorcist’.

“No Max!”

Max can no longer hear me as he turns back to face the dispenser. Eyes on the prize now. He takes a couple of practice pulls of the lever, just to check it still works. He lets loose a giggle and then yanks down a cup. To be fair I can’t help but feel impressed that Max knows exactly what he’s doing as the cup fills with water. The cup is handed to my fiancé. He looks back at me. “Mooore??” – “No Max, please!”

So after between 5 and 10 cups of water each, my fiancé is now having to hold Max to stop him from continuing this repetitive process and ultimately rescue our bladders before the inevitable explosion. Earlier, whilst max was fixated on what he was doing, one of my colleagues had entered the room and sat next to me. Max has previously met this person briefly on a couple of occasions but it is reasonable to say that to max he is a complete stranger. Anyway, my son is now entering full on meltdown mode as he is forced to sit on my fiancé’s lap. He looks at my colleague. The tears stop. He is now at a point where he is calm enough for my fiancé to let him slide off her lap.

Here is the manipulation.

I can see what my son is thinking as soon as he begins to walk over to my colleague. My colleague however is completely unaware that he is about to be ‘played’ by a two year old.

Max strolls over, smiles and reaches out to make a new friend. He is picked up, my colleague more than happy to receive this show of false affection. After roughly twenty seconds of sitting on his lap Max is now able to get down, take his hand and lead this unsuspecting adult to wherever Max wants to go…straight back to the water machine! Max can now visually communicate with him as if to say “you’re cool with me if I do this aren’t you?!”

So there you have it. A two year old is savvy enough to be able to get what they want, from whoever they want.

Should I be proud…Or worried??



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