Today will be one of those days.

By 8:30am Max and I are on our seventh episode of Teletubbies. IT’S STILL ONLY 8:30am!

However, this is not the dilemma.

Today I am in the position that we all manage to find ourselves in all too often. Today I am waiting for a delivery. This could turn out to be a complete waste of a day or fingers crossed the parcel arrives within the next 10 minutes, wishful thinking!

Now what makes this stand above the norm in waiting for parcel etiquette, is that my son tends to get thirsty. Very thirsty. My fiancĂ© and I have been blessed with one of the fussiest eaters you can imagine, when he finishes a complete meal it’s as though he has become the first toddler to win a gold medal at the Olympics and obviously a standing ovation is in order. Anyway, he compensates for his lack of eating by guzzling the white stuff back. This morning I have stumbled into every parents worst nightmare…the milk is almost out!!

This is bad.

Besides the fact that I have no milk, I really cannot afford to miss this delivery. You see I am waiting for a turbo to be delivered because if things could not get any worse my car is also in the garage! So I have no car and no milk. If I miss the parcel I also have no chance of getting to work tomorrow, bad bad bad.

So, the dilemma I am facing is either a screaming toddler for the next 10 hours or so, or missing the delivery and ending up properly screwed. Either way I am in trouble.

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Wish me luck!



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